Monday, December 7, 2009

First Blog

I figured since my evenings are a little slower lately with Rod working nights now, I could start a journal of our life. Ill do a little recap of the last year. :) Feel free to read the parts that interest you.

1/5/09- Rod left for Boot camp. Quite possibly the longest 13 weeks of my life. I have a wonderfull family who filled my time with great dinners, many puzzles and lots of love. While Rod was at Boot camp we went to Cancun and had a wonderfull time!! Rod was a smidge dissapointed that we went without him but was deffinetly glad that I had a great time.

2/14/09- Had our ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or Well apparently Josiah wanted to be shy because there were no little man parts in that u/s. Oh well, it was a fun shocker.

4/2/09- Family Day at MCRD!! First day I had seen Rod in 13 weeks. :) He couldnt stop smiling. It was a great day, but such a bummer when I had to say good bye.

4/3/09- Graduation!! It was long..but soooo worth it!! Afterwards I got to keep him, for 10 whole days!!!

5/9/09- Flew down to San Diego to spend the weekend with Rod and watch him graduate MCT. It was a short weekend, but it was nice to see him after a month. Rod and I both flew on the same day, just to opposite corners of the States. He went to Pensecola, Florida and I went home to Washington.

7/2/09- Rod got to come home for 7 days! In that time we Hoped that little man would be born. Rods flight was delayed for an extra 2 hours so I finally got to see him at 11:20ish pm. So nice to hug him! I was so ready to have our little man and so was Rod!

7/6/09- Went to the doctor with Rod. It was the second appointment he had gotten to come too. :) The doctor told us that we could be at the hospital at 6 am the next morning to start Pitocin and have our Boy.

7/7/09- The day we hoped we would have our boy. The day started out early but we were SOOO excited. They checked me and I was having some contractions but they werent doing anything. They started the Pitocin at around 10 am. We started walking right after they started it. We walked and walked and walked some more. And still nothing was really happening. So they checked me again. It was 3 pm now, and they accidentally broke my water. Then things started to happen. My plan for doing it naturally went down the drain after about 2 hours of intense pain and naseau. Then I called for the most fantastic man ever, The Epidural man!! :) Within 10 minutes I had complete relief. From then on my goal was to have Josiah by Midnight. Hahaha. Well I started to dialate more and I switched positions and Rod, well he slept most of the day. I was running a fever so they were a little concerened about Josiah. At one point his heart started to drop, but with lowering the pitocin they fixed that right away. Around midnight when they checked me for the last time I was ready to go!! :) I was thinking wed have him in minutes. So then I got a little nervous...

7/8/09- I started to push a little after 1 am. It was a long while and his head kept getting a little stuck. But after over an hour of pushing little Josiah David was born!! 3:11 am 7lbs and 21 inches long. A whole party was there to witness the joy of having a baby. He was precious! The most beautifull thing I had ever seen. He was mine and I loved him with all my heart! I was tired, but it was sooo worth it. He was running a low temp, so they did some tests on him. They were a little concerned with some of the results so they wanted us to stay for awhile. We had lots of visitors who were much loved!!

7/13/09- We got to go home! :) We gave Josiah his first bath at home. We spent some time as a family!!

7/18/09- Rod had to leave for Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was so hard to let the daddy and the hubby leave for awhile. I knew it would be hard but I knew that after this leg of seperation we would get a long one together.

9/18/09- Josiah and I went to the airport to pick up Rod!!! :) So the best face ever!! We missed him so much!!

9/20/09- Our one year wedding anninversary!! We went to the beach for the night! How wonderfull to spend some time with the man I love more than anything.

9/22/09- Our road trip started to go to San Diego!! Rod, Me, Josiah and Chloe all loaded into our little Cobalt and Mom and Dad took the big moving truck! We had alot of crap.

9/23/09- We arrived in Oceanside, CA. What a long 2 days of driving, but it felt so good to get out of the car and not have to get back in. Mom, Dad and Rod got everything unloaded and into out condo! We began to settle in and the on Friday night we had to drop Mom, Dad and Chloe off at their hotel. So hard to leave them. Even now its hard to not be with them all the time.

Now we are all settled in our San Diego home and we are enjoying our time as a family. What a year it has been. So much change and so much growth. God has blessed us so very much and he is the reason we made it through this year.