Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite things turned Clean

Finding a way to eat Clean and not have to suffer has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. After being at this for a week and a half Ive had some unclean meals/snacks but overall stuck to
it pretty good.

I have found that my all time favorite snack is an Apple cut up and dipped into a Tablespoon of Almond/Peanut Butter. I got this awesome brand that I have been devouring. Its yummy and makes for a great snack.
We are also Big Breakfast people. So finding something that works and tas
tes good was a Big
Priority. Josiah LOVES pancakes and waffles, I mean what kid doesn't? So I got us a Whole Grain Pancake and Waffle mix at Henry's. And it tastes BETTER than regular Belgium waffles, NO JOKE. And topped with Pure Organic Maple Syrup its an awesome healthy breakfast. I do
prefer Strawberry's on mine. If only Cool Whip were clean... :(

I also got my 2 of 3 Cookbooks today in the mail. I also subscribed to Clean Eating Magazine. I LOVE my Pampered Chef cookbooks but a lot of the recipes aren't Clean and its nice to have Recipes that don't need revamping. I really like the Clean Eating Magazine and I'm not a big magazine fan.
I also am super impressed with the way Josiah is eating the food. Hes been a great eater and a picky eater but hasn't turned his nose up at the things I thought he would. He LOVES brown rice which can be an odd texture and he doesn't mind Whole Wheat noodles. Don't feel like you have to feed your child something different if you are eating Clean. When Rod and I talked about me doing this the one thing I wanted was for it to be a Family change. They are my life and support system and cooking for them is a passion of mine. This isn't just a diet to loose weight. Its us Changing the way that our kids and ourselves look at food. The recipes aren't hard or super time consuming, but it does take some planning and thought. Ive been making my meals up for 2 weeks but I think when I get home from Vacation I'll do one week at a time to make it a little easier on myself.

Ill probably post once while I'm home but then start up fresh once I'm back in Sunny California.


  1. Great post Chelsea! I just picked up a Clean Eating magazine yesterday. I'd never seen one before and grabbed it as I was checking out at Whole Foods. I'm glad to hear it's good enough to subscribe to! Thanks for the eating tips!

  2. Thanks for the comments Jill! I do love Whole foods. Im hoping to have some pictures of my shopping trip when I get back home from my Vacation. Im trying to do this on a Budget and meal planning so it makes my life less stressful. I love reading your blog but im not sure I can drink green smoothies... :)